We believe long-term vision is more important than short-term gain.

Kirk Roberts and Chris Crosser

Kirk Roberts and Chris Crosser

As professionals who have spent most of our careers in the nonprofit world, we understand not only how nonprofits can serve the public, but also how they can do so with efficiency, imagination, and effectiveness. We are a for-profit business with a nonprofit perspective.

Kirk Roberts

Kirk has served in state-wide nonprofits for more than 15 years in an executive director role. He can provide long-term management as well as short-term transitional leadership. Organizations under Kirk's stewardship exemplify financial stability, high Board functioning, and creative programming. 

Kirk has also served as a consultant to various nonprofits, helping conduct Board retreats and trainings, design programs, and coordinate organizational growth strategies.

Kirk’s experience in the nonprofit world covers the areas of healthcare, the arts, and higher education. This eclectic background provides a wide base for understanding the needs of the diverse nonprofits in our community. Kirk’s expertise runs the gamut of nonprofit management, from articulating mission and vision statements to coordinating Board functions, from managing budgets to soliciting donations, from handling member inquiries to coordinating state-wide events.

Reach Kirk at kirk@strongnonprofits.com or 360-734-3166.

Chris Crosser

Chris brings a wide range of administrative and office experience.  She has worked in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors.

Chris has served as Executive Assistant, Contracts Assistant, Operations Manager, and Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) Specialist. At Free Range, she focuses on CRM strategies, database management and design, computer software support, and back-office functions.

She is well versed in working with people from all walks of life, from program staff and community volunteers to museum directors and librarians to college administrators and professors to artists and writers to corporate leaders and philanthropists.

Reach Chris at chris@strongnonprofits.com or 360-734-3166.

Inga Elvrom


Inga is Free Range’s Administrative/Program Assistant. She graduated from Western Washington University's Fairhaven College, where she completed her degree in American Cultural Studies with a Law, Diversity and Justice emphasis. She speaks Spanish fluently, having lived and learned the language in Central Mexico. She has experience working with legal nonprofits, cultural organizations, and in the hospitality/culinary arts field; these career paths have given her the opportunity to interact with people from many different backgrounds.

Reach Inga at office@strongnonprofits.com or 360-734-3166.