Administrative Services

  • Back-office services such as bookkeeping, correspondence, and record maintenance;
  • Information management, including membership, marketing, and outreach; and
  • Computer software support.

Building Fiscal Stability

  • Creating attainable fiscal goals and the strategies to meet them;
  • Creating fund-development frameworks, from grant strategies to planned giving processes; and
  • Developing software and administrative skills for long-term financial management.

Creating a High-Functioning Board of Directors

  • Developing a plan for volunteer cultivation and recruitment;
  • Creating Board trainings and evaluative tools; and
  • Cultivating recognition and Board legacy processes to ensure long-term success.

Developing Effective Programs and Services

  • Creating a mission-driven and fiscally-balanced program plan; and
  • Developing program life-span strategies, from development and evaluation to adaptation and sunsetting.

Event management

  • Coordinating logistics;
  • Developing and implementing marketing strategy;
  • Processing registrations; and
  • Managing day-of activities.

Financial Management

  • Planning and maintaining budgets;
  • Developing fundraising campaigns;
  • Coordinating fundraising strategies; and
  • Managing grants, from research to grant writing to reporting.

Creating mission and vision statements

  • Formulating mission-based business plans; and
  • Evaluating programs and services.

Organizational Management

  • Serving in an executive director role to the Board;
  • Coordinating operational functions;
  • Managing programs/services and work plans; and
  • Meeting legal responsibilities.

Shepherding Organizational Growth

  • Moving from all volunteer to staff; and
  • Developing infrastructures to delineate operational and visionary functions.

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