We hate websites that don’t provide pricing information.

After discussing the client’s needs and agreeing to the project’s scope-of-work, Free Range Nonprofit Solutions provides a not-to-exceed budget for all projects. While many projects will be a combination of services, we use the hourly rates listed below to create the not-to-exceed budget.

Our hourly rates include the following free services:

  • Onsite storage for documents of current projects

  • Use of Free Range's telephone as your organization's contact number

  • Standard office equipment, including fax service, computers, printer

  • Incidental postage (postage for project mailings will be billed)

  • Use of Free Range's Survey Monkey and Zoom subscriptions


organizational leadership and management

  • Long-term management and administration of your nonprofit (annual contract)

  • Includes all facets of nonprofit management

  • Discounted fee of $38


  • Board recruitment and cultivation: $45

  • Coordinating Board retreats and trainings: $45

  • Visionary activities, such as creating mission/vision statements, strategic planning, and evaluating programs and services: $45

  • Serving in an executive director role to the Board: $45

  • Coordinating operational functions: $40

  • Meeting legal responsibilities: $40

program management

  • Program development: $45

  • Program management: $40

  • Event management: $40

Financial Management

  • Planning and maintaining budgets: $40

  • Bookkeeping: $35

  • Accounts payable and receivable: $35

technology and Administrative services

  • Day-to-day website management: $40

  • Designing new websites or working with your website designers to create or re-brand existing websites: $45

  • Researching, evaluating, and recommending information management systems: $35

  • Migrating databases to new systems or cleaning data of existing systems: $40

  • Database management: $35

  • Computer software support: $35

  • Correspondence and record maintenance: $35

  • Storage unit: Price based on square footage required

Learn more about how we can help your organization by contacting us at office@strongnonprofits.com.