Boards sometimes get stuck. Traditional Board structure and routines can often leave a Board confused, stagnant, or uninspired.

Free Range can provide a Board assessment to identify the needs and clarify the vision. We will work to rejuvenate your Board into a dynamic, fun, and creative group.

  • I don’t understand my role as a Board member. Free Range can help your Board members embrace their roles by assisting in the development of Board lifespan plans, from determining areas of need, recruitment, job descriptions, and recognition.
  • Why are we doing this? Board retreats can move a Board forward at light-speed … or they can be a waste of a day. Free Range provides retreat facilitation to focus resources and activities, with an emphasis on concrete take-aways and articulating organizational vision in a way that directly impacts programs.
  • Not another meeting! Board meetings should be dynamic and exciting. Free Range will help you utilize structure and visioning to build enthusiasm and participation.

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