management for Professional Associations - overview

Free Range provides comprehensive management services, from answering the phone to conducting long-range planning with your Board. See our full range of services below.

As an independent contractor, your organization will save the costs inherent with paying an employee. In addition, our management rates include the following services:

  • Onsite storage for documents of current projects

  • Use of Free Range's telephone as your organization's contact number

  • Standard office equipment, including fax service, computers, printer

  • Use of Free Range's subscriptions, including Survey Monkey, Zoom, and more

In addition, your organization will benefit from our working relationships with web designer Highwaters Media and graphic designer Modern Art & Design.

After discussing your organization’s situation and agreeing to the scope-of-work, Free Range Nonprofit Solutions works with you to find a plan which matches your needs and your budget.

Management for Professional Associations - range of services

Organizational Management

  • Serving in an executive director role to the Board

  • Coordinating operational functions

  • Managing programs/services and work plans

  • Meeting legal responsibilities


  • Formulating mission-based business plans

  • Developing infrastructures to delineate operational and visionary functions

  • Creating systems to periodically evaluating programs, services, and management services

High-Functioning Board of Directors

  • Developing a plan for volunteer cultivation and recruitment

  • Implementing Board trainings and evaluative tools

  • Cultivating recognition and Board legacy processes to ensure long-term success

  • Providing an operational leadership perspective at Board meetings

Fiscal Stability

  • Planning and maintaining budgets

  • Creating attainable fiscal goals and the strategies to meet them

  • Developing software and administrative skills for long-term financial management

Effective Programs and Services

  • Creating a mission-driven and fiscally-balanced program plan

  • Implementing dynamic program development responding to member needs

  • Developing program life-span strategies, from development and evaluation to adaptation and sunsetting

Interactive Membership Services

  • Creating efficient membership processes

  • Providing every-day resource for members

  • Implementing effective and consistent communication systems for members, both organization/member and member/member

  • Helping the Board create positive ambassadorial relationships with members

Efficient Administrative Services

  • Back-office services such as bookkeeping, correspondence, and record maintenance

  • Information management, including marketing and outreach

  • Computer software support

Dynamic Event Management

  • Coordinating logistics

  • Developing and implementing marketing strategy

  • Processing registrations

  • Managing day-of activities

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