Developmental growth can be exciting ... and scary.

Perhaps your nonprofit has functioned effectively as a volunteer organization, and is ready for the next step. Or perhaps it has hired staff but without the desired growth.

Free Range can help your nonprofit build capacity to become a vibrant organization guided by a definable mission toward an attainable vision.

For professional associations and membership-oriented nonprofits:

  • Do we need a staff person? Your organization is growing beyond the time commitments your busy volunteers can handle. Or perhaps you want to look and function more professionally. Free Range can help you determine your staffing needs and find the best avenue to proceed. Whether that avenues includes Free Range as a permanent management solution or not, we can help you find the right path.

  • We definitely need a staff person! Your organization needs staffing, but you lack the funds to hire a full-time, experienced manager. Whether your organization needs 5 hours per week or 55 hours per week, Free Range can provide full management services with years of experience.

 For nonprofits in Whatcom and Skagit counties:

  • Our volunteer-only organization isn’t sustainable for the long term. In the nonprofit lifespan, successful nonprofits can anticipate a need for staffing down the road. Free Range will help your Board develop a long-range plan to grow into a position to employ a staff member.

  • We’re doing okay being volunteer-only, but we need an experienced perspective on how to grow in a healthy way. Being successful is great, but growth creates new challenges your leadership may be struggling with. Or you may want to avoid that struggle down the road. Having many years of experience in the nonprofit sector, Free Range can help you answer the questions you are facing … and anticipate the questions which may be headed your way.

Learn more about how we can help your organization find the right staffing fit by contacting us at 360-734-3166 or Check out our services for professional associations or nonprofits in Whatcom and Skagit counties.