Developmental growth can be exciting ... and scary.

Perhaps your nonprofit is in the wistful “three people and a dream.” Or maybe it has functioned effectively as a volunteer organization, and is ready for the next step. Or perhaps it has hired staff but without the desired growth.

Free Range can help your nonprofit build capacity to become a vibrant organization guided by a definable mission toward an attainable vision.

  • Our volunteer-only organization isn’t sustainable for the long term.  Like people, nonprofits go through developmental stages. Successful nonprofits can see a need for staffing down the road. Free Range will help your Board develop a long-range plan to grow into a position to employ a staff member.
  • We need a staff person!  Your nonprofit needs staffing, but you only have money to hire an inexperienced person for just a few hours per week. Or you know you need staffing, but have no idea how to proceed. Free Range offers both short-term and long-term staffing solutions. Working with you, we can determine your staffing needs and find the best avenue to proceed.
  • We need to look at our organization to clarify staff needs. Your organization seems to be missing something, but you’re not sure what it is. Free Range can work with your Board and staff to identify strengths and needs and how best to fill in the blanks. The best staffing options might or might not include Free Range.  Either way, we’ll help you find the right track.

Learn more about how we can help your organization find the right staffing fit by contacting us at or by checking out our complete Services A-Z.