Association of Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses

Anne Koomen, Past President

"Kirk and Chris are amazing. They are knowledgeable and bring great experience to the job. They are organized and follow up on all details. They are collaborative. Their creative problem-solving adds so much to the board and our ability to move forward with AAPPN. I feel their presence enables the board to know they are in good hands and think about more creative ways to move forward instead of feeling bogged down in day-to-day activities. This is an excellent partnership!"

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Scott Wangsgaard, Board member

“Kirk Roberts is one of the most powerful, insightful, resilient, and caring advocates that we or any non-profit organization could ever hope for. He is fully and brilliantly aware of forces that do and will impact the organization. His commitment to serving our members impacts the members of the Board in such a way as to encourage us to do the same: reach out and network, build relationships, and strengthen the profession.”

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Board of Directors

“Kirk was an incredible asset to us as a new Board. His ability to contribute in ways that helped us fine-tune our mission and organize our focus was just what we needed. Before Kirk stepped in to help us get more organized with our meetings and goals, we really were having a hard time making forward progress.  Now I believe we are focused on the correct things to help us grow.”

Kirk helped with things we didn’t even know we needed help with and he did it in a respectful, supportive way.

Oregon Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

Erica Davis, Executive Director

“Thank you for all your support and guidance as we expanded our association. It was incredibly helpful both to me and to OAMFT to have your insights on how to successfully grow as an ED. Thanks for sharing your insights and wisdom!”

Washington Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

Suzi Mohn, volunteer

“Kirk shares his knowledge of nonprofit management and continues to find new ways to grow the organization and support and guide the Board. He treats volunteers like they really matter, he supports all of us professionally and personally, and he gets the job done. Always.

Bellingham Technical College

Recognized Chris with an Outstanding Performance Award for her positive contribution to the College while she was an administrative assistant at the College.

Jane Lowe-Webster, Counselor

“When we hired Chris, we were very excited when we saw her strong Access skills. She helped us convert from a paper tracking system to a completely electronic system. She is extremely professional and ‘unflappable,’ and is also fun to work with. Chris has a gentle sense of humor and is warm and approachable.”

Humanities Washington

Margaret Ann Bollmeier, Past President and CEO

“During Christine’s service with us, I admired her for her many valuable qualities, and regarded her with increasing respect. She exhibits excellent judgment, is extremely dependable, accountable, and organized.”